Maintaining a hard floor and dry cleaning a carpet

Hard FloorIt is apparent that a house nowadays cannot simply have one kind of flooring. Different rooms require different approach when it comes to deciding what to lay on the ground. Carpets will give you a luxury option and will overall change the look of your living room. Hard floors are a practical solution which is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. The difference in the material means that the two must be cleaned with various materials and machinery. Interestingly enough they do have some things in common and sometimes a carpet might be able to take more beating than a hard floor but we will point that out below.


Handling your carpet requires care and patience

Dry cleaning a carpet definitely requires some knowledge. It is proven that you can destroy a nice carpet in so many ways while rendering a hard floor unusable is a hard thing to achieve.
Sometimes it is not even worth bothering yourself to deal with detergents and machinery. If you know what you are doing then it is fine, but if not you are better off calling some professional carpet dry cleaners. However, you can always try to maintain your carpet yourself. Much like the hard floor, the carpet should be regularly vacuumed. You cannot really make a mistake here unless the attachment of the vacuum cleaner has a piece of plastic or a sturdy brush that might ravage and tear the fabric or the rug. If we need to deal with spills, stains or fading you should not experiment. Common materials here are the dry compounds and encapsulation. Both are better left to the pros.

You can push it a little bit more when it comes to your hard floor

Hard floors are not as capricious as carpets. You should follow a certain pattern when cleaning them, however especially when doing end of tenancy cleaning. It goes in this order:

  • Sweeping or vacuuming
  • Washing
  • Mopping

It is pretty self- explanatory. When the floor is dry you need to vacuum it or sweep it. This is where the common things between carpets and floors begin and end at the same time. Then you will need to wash or scrub the floor using a brush and some sort of a detergent. Again water-based solutions are recommended for health purposes. After these two steps have been complete make sure you dry out the floor. Hard floors always bear slipping hazard and you need to be extra careful especially if you live with elderly people or very young children. So grab a towel or a dry mop and go through the whole area. Don’t worry about pressing hard – the floor can take it. Any sort of odour is welcome as it will affect the smell of the whole room.

Pressure-washing is this other thing that can be applied to both carpets and floors. But this mainly happens if we are talking about an outdoor carpet or floor. The carpet will actually take the power of the water easily while a ceramic floor might crack. Be careful.

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