Dealing with Grease Stains

Dealing with Grease Stains

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Grease stains are by far some of the most stubborn and problematic stains to deal with. Greasy smears and spots are quite common for most households. Problem with greasy stains is that that they tend to seep further into the fabric or surface thus becoming almost permanent. The key to dealing with greasy stains is timing. Quick reaction is crucial for complete stain removal so the sooner you tackle it, the more chance you have to remove it.

Here are some effective ways to deal with greasy stains around the home:

Baby powder

Baby powder works exceptionally well in removing greasy stains from different clothing and fabrics; apply a generous amount of baby powder to the stained area and rub it in well; shake off the powder to see how much staining has left and repeat the process as many times as necessary until the stain is completely gone;

Baking soda

Grease stain removal is another of baking soda’s many applications; use baking soda to remove completely and easily greasy stains from metal surfaces like your cooktop; dampen the stains with a rag then sprinkle generously with baking soda; let the soda do its thing for a minute or two and then rub everything off with a rag; if necessary clean soda leftovers with a wet sponge and polish the surface.

Club soda

Dealing with Grease StainsSoda water is quite effective if you need to prevent grease stains from drying and sticking to the inside of stainless steel cookware; pour a decent amount of soda inside the pot right after cooking and let it sit there until it is time to wash the dishes; the carbon dioxide bubbles in soda water will prevent grease from sticking in all instances;

Cat litter

Not widely used, this cleaning method is highly effective in removing motor oil and coolant stains from concrete or composite material garage flooring; blot out any fresh oil stains using old newspapers as you need the floor relatively dry; spread clean cat litter all over the stained area; leave the cat litter over the stain for about twenty four hours so it absorbs as much of the stain as possible;

Corn starch

Treating a greasy stain using corn starch is one of the oldest tricks in the book; this method works particularly well on stained surfaces around the kitchen; apply corn starch directly using a rag; rub until the stain is gone and wash the area with fresh water and detergent; corn starch can also be used for absorbing oily stains from carpets and rugs.