Here is how to clean your computer screen without damaging it!

A computer screen is one of those things that get dirty extremely fast yet you don’t do anything about it. You avoid cleaning them because you don’t want to damage them, right? Well, fortunately, there are cleaning methods out there that won’t do any harm.

I know some people use glass cleaners, however, this is not the best option for cleaning computer screens since you can remove protective coatings with it.

So if you are indeed using a glass cleaner – ditch it!

Instead, do this:

All you need is microfiber cloth, distilled water and a spray bottle!

The first thing you need to do is unplug your computer/ monitor. This is for safety. Plus, you would be able to see dirt and smudges way easier when the screen is black!

Then grab the microfiber cloth and wipe the screen with it. This is a great way to remove impurities without the risk of scratching the screen.

The next thing you should do is spray the distilled water on the cloth – but spray just a little since you don’t want the cloth to be soaked. Wipe the screen with it.

DO NOT spray the water directly on the screen because the moisture can cause serious damage!

Once you are done grab another clean microfiber cloth and dry the screen.