Here Is How To Clean Your Home When You Have Allergies!

Having allergies can be a nightmare. I have allergies as well and do you know what has helped me tremendously? Changing the way I clean my home. It really makes a huge difference – and who doesn’t want an allergy-free life?

So for all people with allergies – here is how you should clean your home in order to improve your condition!

Clean Twice A Week

Removing the dust and dirt from all surfaces in your home is a crucial step in battling allergies – and cleaning once a week is simply not enough.

That is why I clean my home twice a week – on Wednesdays and on Sundays. I have found that this has helped my allergies a lot.

Focus On Your Bedroom

When cleaning your home you really need to focus on your bedroom because that is where you spend a lot of your time.

If you tend to wake up and have a stuffy nose then focus on replacing your sheets twice a week.

You also need to wash your pillow (yes, your pillow) once a month. Thankfully, you can simply throw it in the washing machine.

Another crucial step is to clean your mattress. One of the best ways to do that is by using a steam cleaner – so if you happen to have one, use it to steam clean your mattress a few times a year. It’s really beneficial because the steam extracts all the dirt, dust, germs, body-liquids, and other impurities that the mattress absorbs on a daily basis.

If you don’t have a steam cleaner then you can always book a cleaning company to do it for you.

Vacuum Your Upholstery

Whenever you clean your home (as I said, you should do it at least twice a week) you need to also vacuum your upholstery – from curtains to sofas, all upholstery absorbs way too much dirt and dust which can trigger your allergies.

I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel ever since I started regularly cleaning my sofa.

Never Walk With Shoes Inside Your Home

You can’t even imagine how dirty your shoes really are which is why you need to avoid walking with them inside your home at all cost.

I take them off the second I get inside my home and I replace them with some house slippers which are clean.

By doing that your home will remain clean for longer and you won’t spread all sorts of impurities that your shoes have trapped from the outside.