How to clean after your dog

You might have a dog or you are simply considering getting one but you are still researching how hard it really is to take care of one. These creatures will transform your life, making it far more interesting filling it with love and affection. But having a pet sometimes requires you cleaning after it. No matter how well your dog is trained it will still make a mess from times to times and you need to know exactly how to deal with it.

– Wet Wipes

Always keep wet wipes by the front door. This way you will be able to wipe clean your dog’s paws before you let them in your home and you will remove all of the dirt they have picked up.

– Buy a mat

You should buy a mat and place it under the food and water bowls. This will reduce the amount of food that your dog drops on the ground and then licks the floor creating one big mess.

– Buy a washable dog bed

If maintaining your home clean at all times is a priority of yours you should consider buying a dog bed that is washable. You will easily throw it in the washing machine once a week and this gets rid of germs and dirt.

– Don’t leave your dog on the couch or on the bed

If you don’t want pet hair, vomit, saliva (or even worst – urine, poop) then keep your dog away from the couch and from your bed.

– Bathe your dog often

Did you know that regularly bathing your dog will reduce the shedding? A little disclaimer before you start bathing it – buy dog shampoo and do not use any human products.

– Brush your dog

Brush your dog’s fur every day – this will reduce the shedding.