How to clean bookshelves

If you wish to learn how you can clean your bookshelves quickly, properly and efficiently, keep reading because we have some very helpful tips for you.

  1. Bookchelves CleaningAlways begin by emptying your bookshelves. If you have arranged your books in some sort of order, make sure that you take them out in the same order. This way you will drastically facilitate the rearranging of the books once that the bookshelves’ cleaning is over.

  2. Before you commence the actual cleaning of the bookshelves, read the instruction of the cleaning detergent that you are about to use to see whether it is usable on the material from which your bookshelves are made. For instance commercial window cleansers can be used on materials such as fake wood, white wood, laminate, glass and etc, but on the other hand window cleansers will severely damaged real wood. If your cleaning detergents isn’t applicable on the material from which your bookshelves are made, head to your local home depot and get a cleaning solution that is.

  3. Now grab a soft towel, soft cloth or simply an old T-shirt and wrap it up in a ball. You must use a soft material to protect the bookshelves’ surfaces from accidental scratches and damages. Spray some cleaning detergents on your cleaning cloth and start cleaning the shelves of your bookshelves. Make sure that you clean the hard to reach corners because lots of people either forget or neglect to clean the corners.

  4. Bookchelves CleaningNow comes the time consuming part of the bookshelves cleaning routine, the cleaning of the books. You must clean your books because there is no sense into cleaning your bookshelves and then rearranging a solid number of dusty books on them. So take each book individually and wipe their front, back, top, bottom and side with a cloth or paper towel. Make sure that you follow the order of your books because if you don’t the rearranging process will be a total nightmare.

  5. Once all your books are dust-free begin the rearranging. Follow the order in which you have taken them down. Also while you are rearranging your books you can do a little filtering and get rid of all the books that you aren’t planning to read. This way you will open space for the addition of new books which you will read.

  6. If you have filtered out any books, don’t throw them away but donate them to a charity.

Cleaning your bookshelves is easier when there are no books on them, so cleaning them prior to moving in or out is a great idea.