How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean During Cooking

Kitchen CleaningEven in professional kitchens stains and spills are a common part of life. In the case of professional kitchens though, there is always someone else to clean the mess at the end. When cooking in your own kitchen however, the person who will be doing the cleaning is you, so the less mess you make during cooking – the less cleaning you have to do at the end.

How can you keep the kitchen clean and neat when food preparations are in full swing?

  • First and foremost keep your counter tops clean and neat – this will make the whole cooking and cleaning process much easier and more efficient.

In order to do this, use a clean, sufficiently large baking sheet, or another type of shallow baking dish you have nearby; place all your ingredients and products in the sheet and carry on; there will be hardly any spills and spots on your bench tops; by doing this you will also save time from looking through cabinets and drawers for the products and items you need.

  • Oily bottles, greasy utensils and oily stains all round – here is how to deal with it all.

Your cooking oil bottle (or other container) usually allows for drips running down the side after each time you use it; drips will leak down to the counter top and make a royal mess; deal with the situation effectively by tying up a napkin around the bottle; fasten the napkin with a rubber band; do this for any other liquid you don’t like spilling all over the place; this simple trick will greatly reduce oily stains in your kitchen.

  • Shattered glassware or crockery.

Breaks in the kitchen are something normal and expected; any chef that works with flare can drop a thing or two; glass shards all around your kitchen floor are a problem but cleaning them properly will take some time and effort; instead grab a larger piece of white bread and pick up all the shards – even small bits and pieces will cling to the bread.

  • Keeping your recipe clean while cooking.

Kitchen CleaningMany people cook dishes off a recipe; most of the time the recipe is on a loose piece of paper which becomes unreadable with splatter and splashes in a matter of minutes; in order to keep the recipe clean and readable put it under a clean glass pot lid, or put glad wrap over it and stick the recipe to the tiled bit of wall above your counter top; glad wrap is sticky so you won’t have trouble keeping the piece of paper on the wall.

  • Dealing with rubbish and leftovers.

Reduce the need for cleaning after cooking to a minimum by tossing every bit of scarp and rubbish into a larger bowl during cooking; there will be hardly any mess to clean at the end.

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