How To Remove Cranberry Stains From Clothes, Carpets, and Upholstery?

Dealing with cranberry stains is a nightmare. Similar to tomatoes and red wine, cranberries leave a bright red stain behind which can be hard to remove. But, of course, if you are quick in treating the affected area and you know what steps to take you shouldn’t worry!

How To Remove Cranberry Stains From Clothes?

If you spilt cranberry juice on your clothes then you need to gently blot the affected area with a napkin in order to remove the excess.

If you dropped cranberries then you should grab a spoon and remove the excess.

Then you need to “flush” the stain under running cold water. I prefer to hold the fabric with the wrong way up and flush it that way.

Once you do that you need to treat the stain. I normally use laundry detergent. I pour some on the affected area and I work it in with my fingers. And remember – be gentle and never rub aggressively.

If the stain is removed then you can throw the clothing item in the washing machine but if the stain remains then make sure you rinse the area and remove the laundry detergent completely. Then grab an oxygen-based bleach, dilute it with water in a large bucket, and soak the entire clothing piece in there. You can leave it for a few hours or you can even leave it overnight for the best results.

The next morning the stain should be removed completely!

How To Remove Cranberry Stains From Upholstery Or Carpets?

If you spilt cranberry juice or cranberries on a carpet or on upholstery then the first thing you need to do is similar to what I described for the clothes. Blot the cranberry juice or remove the excess cranberries with a spoon.

Now it’s time to treat the stain. Mix cold water and oxygen-based bleach, dip a cloth in the mixture, and start treating the stain. Again, you need to be gentle – never rub, simply blot.

The stain should be gone by now which means it’s time to remove the bleach mixture. Rinse the area by using a clean damp cloth then allow the area to air-dry.